Meet the team

Our diverse team is comprised of experts in their fields.

  • Sergii Shanin
    Sergii Shanin
  • Alexander Menzheres
    Alexander Menzheres
  • Victor Grytsai
    Victor Grytsai
  •  Pavel Gorbokon
    Pavel Gorbokon
    Full-Stack Engineer
  • Andrii Sytnyk
    Andrii Sytnyk
    Full-Stack Engineer
  • Ievgen Martseniuk
    Ievgen Martseniuk
    Product Manager
  • Oleksii Usikov
    Oleksii Usikov
    QA Engineer
  • Vasiliy Gamov
    Vasiliy Gamov
    Front-End Engineer
  • Ievgenii Narovlianskyi
    Ievgenii Narovlianskyi
    Full-Stack Engineer
  • Sergey Shtefan
    Sergey Shtefan
    Back-End Engineer
  • Nikita Krivko
    Nikita Krivko
    QA Engineer
  • Dmitry Lutsko
    Dmitry Lutsko
    Full-Stack Engineer
  • Andrii Studinskyi
    Andrii Studinskyi
    Full-Stack Engineer
  • Paul Ghukasyan
    Paul Ghukasyan
    DevOps Engineer
  • Sergiy Galytskyy
    Sergiy Galytskyy
    Full-Stack Engineer
  • Pavlo Tryzna
    Pavlo Tryzna
    Full-Stack Engineer
  • Alex Radchuk
    Alex Radchuk
    Project Manager
  • Mykhailo Chernov
    Mykhailo Chernov
    Full-Stack Engineer