Web Apps

ETEAM has over 15 years of experience creating web systems ranging from simple websites to complex, scalable platforms. Depending on the specific needs and goals of our clients, ETEAM can spin up the best combination of web technologies to ensure your product makes your business successful.


Mobile Apps

We are living in a mobile-first society. More often than not, modern businesses require some form of a mobile app. ETEAM specializes in a mobile-first design, and can develop and deploy cutting-edge hybrid or native apps onto any app store.

React.JS Node.JS Golang TypeScript Ruby Kotlin Swift React Native MongoDB Angular Express.js GraphQL Elasticsearch Postgresql RabbitMQ Redis

Data Science

Every day, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created. This unstructured data must be organized and analyzed by data scientists in order to be useful. ETEAM data scientists excel at mining, managing, and visualizing data so our clients can make data-driven decisions confidently and consistently.


Data Engineering

Before working with data to get insights there's an important step of building data pipelines to bring together information from different sources. ETEAM can help you with integration, consolidation, data cleansing, and structuring before usage in analytics applications.


Data Analysis

Questioning, inspecting, and arranging data is a tricky task, so at ETEAM we use a combination of tools augmented by humans to investigate and interrogate the data with more context.

Machine Learning

Modern applications must leverage machine learning algorithms to offer the most efficient experiences to users. Our machine learning experts can efficiently and effectively deploy the power of Neural Networks and Stream Processing to enrich the capabilities of your product.

Fivetran dbt Snowflake Looker Google Big Query Amazon Redshift AWS Quicksight TensorFlow Apache Airflow Cassandra



Developing high-quality software is not just about coding and infrastructure setup. Modern applications require strong protection against various cyber threats. ETEAM provides a full spectrum of cybersecurity services to our clients including 24x7x365 Managed Threat Response, Compliance & vCISO, and Penetration Testing.



Our DevOps engineers can set up any and all hosting options and necessary environments efficiently and effectively. Autoscaling, backups, virtualization, and resource management are some of ETEAM's core competencies and are worked into our team's daily routines.

OWASP ZAP Google Cloud Platform AWS Jenkins Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Docker Sonarqube Datadog Cloudflare Nagois OpenVPN AWS Cloudwatch


Project Management

Agile and Lean are more than just buzzwords for ETEAM. Whether we are building an MVP or developing large applications for established corporations, we always follow Agile and Lean principles. Our commitment to these principles allows us to stay flexible, encourage client collaboration, and deliver rapid, reliable results.



Design thinking is at the core of what we do. All decisions are made with the end-user in mind, beginning with user research and requirements gathering, through wireframing and prototyping, all the way to development and user testing. No matter the size or complexity of your project, ETEAM will always find the best marriage of form and function.

Figma Jira Software Confluence Miro Visio

How we work

Got a great idea that you want to validate or want to scale your existing team? Our flexible process will get you everything you need with maximum efficiency.

Managed Team

ETEAM is responsible for managing talent and deliverables on behalf of a client. ETEAM uses agile methodology to build products and provide progress reports to clients.

Gathering details

  • Defining business requirements
  • Signing SOW


  • Scoping the project
  • Creating the roadmap
  • Assembling the ETEAM


  • Implementing minimum viable product
  • Refining scope and requirements
  • Product roll-out

Development cycle

  • Continuous incremental improvement
  • Early testing and feedback gathering


  • Monitoring product health
  • Providing support services

Augmented Team

ETEAM resources become members of a client team. A client manages talent and deliverables directly. ETEAM is responsible for tracking time, sourcing, and replacing talent as needed.

Gathering details

  • Defining business requirements
  • Signing SOW


  • Providing candidate CVs
  • Conducting candidate interviews
  • Assembling the ETEAM


  • Integrating engineers into the customer team
  • Mediating knowledge transfer
  • Starting work on the project

Development cycle

  • Engineer performance review
  • Regular client satisfaction survey