Scalable Power

Harness the Scalable Power
of AWS for Your Business

  • Analytics

    Take your Business Intelligence to the next level with Amazon Quicksight and Amazon Redshift. Get up-to-the-minute insights that scale across your entire app while only paying for what you actually use.

  • Network and Content Delivery

    Seamlessly deliver content, data and APIs with Amazon CloudFront. Scale your APIs for worldwide content delivery using Amazon API Gateway

  • Storage and Databases

    Get fast, high-performance and scalable storage with Amazon S3. Whether you’re using a noSQL database for microservices or a relational database, you’re covered with Amazon RDS and Amazon DynamoDB.

  • Machine Learning

    Add the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to your business solutions. TensorFlow on AWS and Amazon SageMaker are the perfect tools for training machine learning algorithms.

  • Compute

    Run code with the power of Amazon without having to run your own servers. Use AWS Lambda to execute code in the cloud. This allows you to scale your data processing to precisely your needs.

  • Monitoring and Alerts

    Always keep an eye on your apps with Amazon CloudWatch. Combine monitoring with Amazon Simple Notification Service to be alerted at the first sign of trouble.

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