ETEAM Blog Clutch Records a 100% Referral Rate for eTeam

The reviews train has kept on paying dividends for our team since we first created our Clutch profile. We are currently sitting at 25 great reviews at the time of this writing and we are showing no signs of slowing down any time soon.

As good as all of this sounds, it was about to get better because Clutch contacted us recently regarding a new year-in-review feature that they implemented. This feature analyzed and summarized all of our profile’s activity for the past year and condensed them into easily shareable reports.

After exploring these different reports for a while, we discovered one that really says a lot about the kind of performance we’ve had this year. According to Clutch, 100% of all of the clients we’ve worked with in 2021 referred us to their colleagues and friends.

5 out of 5 clients were 100% willing to refer eTeam

This proves to us how well these reviews connect businesses with vendors that have the skills they need for their projects. We’ve always felt that finding the right partner for any job is half the task when it comes to a B2B transaction. The fact that things have world out so well for us is that we were able to match so well with our clients and adjust to their various needs.

These reviews give us the chance to showcase the quality of work that our team is capable of, and our clients are sharing them with even more people. There’s nothing much more we can ask for in transitioning into a new year, except to be your technical partner for your next project.

Through many years, our excellent team has proven its worth in the software development industry, now it's your turn to experience it. Contact us today and get the innovative solution you need to take your business to the next level.

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