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Ukraine is the largest country in Europe with more than 40 million peaceful and freedom-loving people.

On February 24, 2022, the whole world witnessed the beginning of an unprovoked full-scale war in Ukraine started by the Russian Federation. We at eTeam fully condemn this act of aggression, stand with the people of Ukraine and support all kinds of measures needed to stop this horrible violence.

eTeam was founded in Ukraine in 2016 with our primary office in Kyiv; our co-founders are from Ukraine as well as many talented people we continue working with. Now, eTeam has a global presence cooperating with engineers and clients from all around the world. Nevertheless, we always remembered how Russia broke international law in 2014 by annexing Crimea and started fueling separatism in Donbas. That's why from the very beginning our rule was to prohibit any business activities with clients or engineers in Russia or Belarus.

During all 8 years of the Russo-Ukrainian war, eTeam was putting efforts toward support of Ukrainian Armed Forces by donating to the well-known "Come Back Alive" Foundation. As this aggression dramatically scaled in February, we increased our help and encourage all our clients, partners, and friends to support the Ukrainian army and humanitarian organizations that help civilians. Please find links to verified funds and institutions that you could safely donate to:

Ukraine Humanitarian Assistance Account
The Come Back Alive Fund
Ukraine Armed Forces

Our top priority, for now, is the safety of all eTeamers working in Ukraine. We're providing temporary accommodation in Lviv city for those moving to the western part of Ukraine and coordinating help for people that moved outside the country. Besides it, eTeam is establishing an office in Poland.

We have no doubt that Ukraine will withstand this unprecedented aggression and become stronger. Glory to Ukraine! 1f1fa-1f1e6@2x


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